New Senior Members

New senior members of all standards and ages, male and female are most welcome. Email new member enquiries for further details. Alternatively turn up for training and introduce yourself to one of the players or coaches who will be happy to look after you.

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New Member Recruitment
If you are an existing club member, you should know that you will receive a discount on your subscriptions for every player that you refer to the club. Read about member discounts for more details. Existing members can help with recruitment by inviting your mates, colleagues, acquaintances (or complete strangers), for the coming season. Please take the opportunity to pin up notices (using the logos below) at your workplace, gym or anywhere you think might catch the eye of new players.

Club Logos

Club Shirts

For details about the club strip, including where to buy all clothing and how to get numbered shirts please click below:

Club Shirts

Fixtures Live Registration

New members are able to register with Fixtures Live in order to receive club emails and register for the Surrey Ladies League. To register go directly to the Fixtures Live web site and follow the instructions.

If you are not receiving club emails then please check that emails from Fixtures Live (i.e. from the domain have not ended up in your SPAM box.

Subscriptions & Match Fees

Subscriptions for the 2018/2019 season are set at £250 for full time members (students and those on income support should pay £125). Goalkeepers are exempt from annual subscription if they bring their own kit. Match fees for the 2018/2019 season are £5 per player per match and £3 for students and those on income support.

All subscriptions are now paid using PaySubsOnline. Your captain will arrange for your registration with the treasurer and you will receive notification and request for payment by email. For those who wish to pay by standing order form or need the club bank account details for a direct bank transfer please contact

Member Discounts
As in previous season we are offering a discount for members who help to recruit new members. For each new recruit you bring to the club there is a discount of £30. Please pay your full subscriptions as normal and advise the treasurer of the names of the players you have recruited. Any discounts will be refunded by the treasurer upon receipt of a subscription for the new recruit (note – the discount still applies for goalkeeper recruits even if they are exempt from subscriptions).

Useful Websites

South HockeyLeagues
Surrey OpenLeagues
Surrey LadiesLeagues
London HockeyLeagues
England HockeyAssociations
Kingston Grammar SchoolAssociations
Surrey Hockey UmpiresAssociations
Directory of British SportsDirectories
Sport KingstonDirectories
This table shows some related websites including the leagues and organisations to which we are affiliated or associated.

Welfare Statement

As a club we take very seriously our responsibilities on the safety and welfare of all players, seniors and junior players alike. We subscribe to the EHA recommendations and ensure all our coaches, captains and key committee members are DBS checked and are trained in the Safeguarding Principles, and regularly undertake the appropriate courses to maintain this status. This duty of care is reflected in our approach not only in managing our training sessions and matches, but in how we communicate with club members and parents, and how we consider our social activities. More details on this best practice approach we adopt can be found at

Code of EthicsEngland Hockey provide a Code of Ethics & Behaviour for everyone involved in hockey
SafeD Policy England Hockey provide policy and guidance documents for Safeguarding Young People
Anti-bullyingThe SafeD Policy includes best practice guidance on anti-bullying
Codes of ConductOur juniors section provide Codes of Conduct specific to our club for officials, guardians and players
Parents WelcomeOKHC parents welcome information

Personal Protection
The use and provision of personal protective equipment is the responsibility of all club members at both junior and senior level. All players of any age should ensure as a minimum they always have shin pads and mouth guards for both training sessions and playing matches. Players may, at their own discretion, also choose additional protective equipment such as face masks or gloves. The use of personal protective equipment reduces the risk of injury and members are encouraged to consider wearing the personal protective equipment they feel appropriate at all times when playing. Our juniors section also provide guidance on Equipment Required for juniors sessions.