Higgins Group London Hockey League

Vets Division 2 2017/18

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Reading Redsox18161181206149
2- Old Cranleighans Barnstormers18122461362538
3- Wimbledon Masters 2nds18111650401034
4- Richmond Men's Vets1884657381928
5- London Wayfarers Centurions189273838028
6- Crawley Men's Vets187385150123
7 Old Kingstonian Men's Vets1853103153-2218
8 Maidenhead Men's Vets1862103449-1517
9- Bromley and Beckenham Veterans1832132164-4311
10- East Grinstead Saints1822142763-368
11- Epsom HC Embers 200000000

No future fixtures.

14 April 2018
Reading Redsox5-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
fixture postponed - date tba from 09/12/17
Bromley and Beckenham Veterans0-6Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
snow 17//03/18/rearranged
London Wayfarers Centurions1-3Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
rearranged from 17/3/18 snow
Reading Redsox5-0Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
frozen pitch - to be rearrangedfrom 03/03/18
07 April 2018
Reading Redsox5-1Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
rearranged from 21/10/17/tba from 14/04/18
Maidenhead Men's Vets5-0London Wayfarers Centurions
frozen pitch - to be rearranged
25 March 2018
Richmond Men's Vets4-2Wimbledon Masters 2nds
frozen pitch - to be rearrangedfrom 03/03/18
24 March 2018
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets1-3Crawley Men's Vets
rearranged from 11/11/17 frozen pitch 03/03/18
Bromley and Beckenham Veterans3-2East Grinstead Saints
frozen pitch 03/03 - to be rearranged
London Wayfarers Centurions0-5Wimbledon Masters 2nds
rearranged from13/01/18
East Grinstead Saints5-0Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
fixture postponed - date tba 17/02/18
17 March 2018
Maidenhead Men's Vets5-0East Grinstead Saints
postponed 13/01
Richmond Men's Vets1-1Crawley Men's Vets
Reading Redsox5-0Wimbledon Masters 2nds
wimbledon cannot raise team
10 March 2018
Crawley Men's Vets7-1Bromley and Beckenham Veterans
East Grinstead Saints3-6Richmond Men's Vets
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers5-1Maidenhead Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets3-1London Wayfarers Centurions
24 February 2018
Wimbledon Masters 2nds3-1Bromley and Beckenham Veterans
East Grinstead Saints1-2Crawley Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets2-1Maidenhead Men's Vets
London Wayfarers Centurions2-2Reading Redsox
17 February 2018
Crawley Men's Vets6-2Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Richmond Men's Vets4-5Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
10 February 2018
East Grinstead Saints1-4Wimbledon Masters 2nds
rearranged from 21/10/17
London Wayfarers Centurions4-3Richmond Men's Vets
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers4-0Bromley and Beckenham Veterans
03 February 2018
Crawley Men's Vets2-2Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
Bromley and Beckenham Veterans2-3London Wayfarers Centurions
Wimbledon Masters 2nds5-2Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets2-2Maidenhead Men's Vets
27 January 2018
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers5-0East Grinstead Saints
London Wayfarers Centurions2-1Crawley Men's Vets
Maidenhead Men's Vets5-0Bromley and Beckenham Veterans
bromebeck conceded 25/01/18
Reading Redsox3-2Richmond Men's Vets
20 January 2018
Crawley Men's Vets9-2Maidenhead Men's Vets
Bromley and Beckenham Veterans0-5Reading Redsox
East Grinstead Saints0-4London Wayfarers Centurions
Wimbledon Masters 2nds4-2Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
13 January 2018
Reading Redsox7-3Crawley Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets3-3Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
06 January 2018
Wimbledon Masters 2nds2-2East Grinstead Saints
rearranged from 21/10/17
Maidenhead Men's Vets5-0Crawley Men's Vets
rearranged from 30/09/17
16 December 2017
East Grinstead Saints4-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
rarranged from 23/09/17
Richmond Men's Vets4-0London Wayfarers Centurions
rearranged from 21/10/17
09 December 2017
Reading Redsox5-0East Grinstead Saints
rearranged from 16/09/17
Richmond Men's Vets4-0Bromley and Beckenham Veterans
rerranged from 16/09/17
02 December 2017
East Grinstead Saints1-6Reading Redsox
Bromley and Beckenham Veterans0-5Richmond Men's Vets
Wimbledon Masters 2nds1-2Maidenhead Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets3-2Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
25 November 2017
Wimbledon Masters 2nds1-7Reading Redsox
Crawley Men's Vets1-5Richmond Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets1-1Bromley and Beckenham Veterans
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers0-3London Wayfarers Centurions
18 November 2017
Bromley and Beckenham Veterans2-1Crawley Men's Vets
London Wayfarers Centurions5-0Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets3-3East Grinstead Saints
Maidenhead Men's Vets0-2Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
11 November 2017
Crawley Men's Vets4-0Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
London Wayfarers Centurions5-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
Wimbledon Masters 2nds2-1Richmond Men's Vets
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers4-2Reading Redsox
East Grinstead Saints0-2Bromley and Beckenham Veterans
04 November 2017
Reading Redsox4-0London Wayfarers Centurions
Crawley Men's Vets5-1East Grinstead Saints
Bromley and Beckenham Veterans0-2Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Maidenhead Men's Vets1-1Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
28 October 2017
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets2-0East Grinstead Saints
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers3-0Richmond Men's Vets
Wimbledon Masters 2nds6-2Crawley Men's Vets
Maidenhead Men's Vets0-6Reading Redsox
21 October 2017
Bromley and Beckenham Veterans5-5Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets0-3Reading Redsox
rearranged from 10/02/18
14 October 2017
London Wayfarers Centurions4-2Bromley and Beckenham Veterans
Maidenhead Men's Vets1-4Richmond Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets2-6Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers8-2Crawley Men's Vets
07 October 2017
Crawley Men's Vets0-0London Wayfarers Centurions
fixture postponed - date tba
East Grinstead Saints1-5Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
Bromley and Beckenham Veterans0-3Maidenhead Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets2-3Reading Redsox
30 September 2017
London Wayfarers Centurions4-3East Grinstead Saints
Reading Redsox4-2Bromley and Beckenham Veterans
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers2-1Wimbledon Masters 2nds
23 September 2017
Wimbledon Masters 2nds1-0London Wayfarers Centurions
Crawley Men's Vets2-4Reading Redsox
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets2-4Richmond Men's Vets
16 September 2017
Maidenhead Men's Vets1-3Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers4-2Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Andrew Denye Richmond 8 0 0 8
Adam Winterflood Old Kingstonian 5 0 2 7
Jason Clark Old Kingstonian 6 0 0 6
Andy Macleod Richmond 6 0 0 6
Gary Nienow Old Kingstonian 1 0 3 4
David Main Richmond 3 0 0 3
Tony Holland East Grinstead 3 0 0 3
Mike Barrott East Grinstead 3 0 0 3
Mark Hunnisett East Grinstead 2 0 1 3
Graham Allen Old Kingstonian 2 0 0 2