Higgins Group London Hockey League

Vets Division 2 2018/19

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Old Kingstonian Men's Vets953126111518
2- Old Cranleighans Barnstormers852136102617
3- Reading Redsox751124111316
4- Richmond Men's Vets944131191216
5- Wimbledon Masters 2nds83231722-511
6- Crawley Men's Vets93151524-910
7- East Grinstead Saints83141728-1110
8- Maidenhead Men's Vets72141017-77
9- PHC Chiswick Men's Vets81161130-194
10- London Wayfarers Centurions7025722-152

Playing today/awaited : 1

08 December 2018
Reading Redsox5-1Maidenhead Men's Vets
01 December 2018
PHC Chiswick Men's Vets1-4Reading Redsox
Crawley Men's Vets0-0Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
to be rearranged
East Grinstead Saints5-0London Wayfarers Centurions
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets3-1Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Maidenhead Men's Vets0-5Richmond Men's Vets
24 November 2018
PHC Chiswick Men's Vets1-6Richmond Men's Vets
Reading Redsox1-1Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
Wimbledon Masters 2nds5-1East Grinstead Saints
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers0-3Maidenhead Men's Vets
London Wayfarers Centurions1-2Crawley Men's Vets
17 November 2018
Crawley Men's Vets0-4Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Reading Redsox4-5Richmond Men's Vets
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets5-1East Grinstead Saints
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers4-1PHC Chiswick Men's Vets
Maidenhead Men's Vets5-0London Wayfarers Centurions
10 November 2018
Wimbledon Masters 2nds1-1Maidenhead Men's Vets
London Wayfarers Centurions2-3PHC Chiswick Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets2-2Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
East Grinstead Saints4-2Crawley Men's Vets
03 November 2018
PHC Chiswick Men's Vets2-2Wimbledon Masters 2nds
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets5-0Crawley Men's Vets
Richmond Men's Vets3-3Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
Maidenhead Men's Vets(+)East Grinstead Saints
to be rearranged due to injury in game before
27 October 2018
Crawley Men's Vets3-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
Wimbledon Masters 2nds0-1Reading Redsox
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers3-2Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
London Wayfarers Centurions3-3Richmond Men's Vets
East Grinstead Saints5-0PHC Chiswick Men's Vets
20 October 2018
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets3-0Maidenhead Men's Vets
Reading Redsox5-0East Grinstead Saints
PHC Chiswick Men's Vets1-3Crawley Men's Vets
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers3-0London Wayfarers Centurions
Richmond Men's Vets1-3Wimbledon Masters 2nds
13 October 2018
Old Kingstonian Men's Vets1-1London Wayfarers Centurions
Crawley Men's Vets3-4Reading Redsox
East Grinstead Saints1-1Richmond Men's Vets
Wimbledon Masters 2nds1-13Old Cranleighans Barnstormers
Maidenhead Men's Vets(+)PHC Chiswick Men's Vets
to be re-arranged
06 October 2018
Richmond Men's Vets5-2Crawley Men's Vets
PHC Chiswick Men's Vets2-4Old Kingstonian Men's Vets
as advised by OKHC 8/10
Old Cranleighans Barnstormers10-0East Grinstead Saints
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Andrew Denye Richmond 8 0 0 8
Ian Smith Old Kingstonian 5 0 0 5
Andy Macleod Richmond 5 0 0 5
Warren Cann Richmond 4 0 0 4
Adam Winterflood Old Kingstonian 3 0 1 4
Steve Nicholls Old Kingstonian 2 0 2 4
David Mathews Richmond 3 0 0 3
Richard Swaine Richmond 3 0 0 3
Robert Blankson Richmond 2 0 0 2
Stephen Bird Old Kingstonian 2 0 0 2