Specialist Training Sessions 2020/21

3 Sep 2020Pitch & Play (with Tamsyn)
10 Sep 2020Pitch & Play
17 Sep 2020GK training (with Justin & Omid) - outfield players also needed
24 Sep 2020Stick Skills & Goalscoring (with Tamsyn)
1 Oct 2020Possession (with Tamsyn)
8 Oct 2020Pitch & Play
15 Oct 2020GK Training (with Justin & Omid)
22 Oct 2020Game Play Scenario's (with Tamsyn)
29 Oct 2020Tackling & Defending (with Tamsyn)
3 Dec 2020Game play scenario's
10 Dec 2020Goal Scoring (will set up for GK's to be present)
17 Dec 2020Christmas Tournament
1 Apr 2021Pitch & Play
8 Apr 2021Pitch & Play
15 Apr 2021Pitch & Play
22 Apr 2021Pitch & Play
29 Apr 2021Pitch & Play
6 May 2021Pitch & Play
13 May 2021Pitch & Play
All senior playing members are welcome to join the Thursday night specialist training sessions from 20:00 to 21:30 at Tiffin Girls' School. These extra sessions are aimed at coaching specific skills that we can't always cover in a team session.

The schedule will be updated on a monthly basis so you are able to see which session(s) would be most useful to you as a player (hopefully all of them).

Our head coach Tamsyn Leigh Naylor will be running the sessions and where possible, we will get other coaches in to expose you to different coaches and views on the game.