Captains Handbook

Pre Match Day

What kit and shirt numbers should my team have?

See the Club Shirts and Kit page for more details including links for Total Hockey to buy club kit. Club shirts numbers for your players are allocated by the Club Secretary.

How do I register players with the league?

Ladies players must be registered to play in the SHALL. To do this please contact one of the clubs Fixtures Live Administrators. If you are an administrator yourself then see Fixtures Live How to Register Player.

What is the selection process?

Captains should familiarise themselves with the rules for their league by visiting the relevant League Website. As a captain you must understand the rules with respect to eligibility to play e.g. age, registration, doubling up, rules when higher team is not playing. With respect to weekly selection, captains either meet (or get in contact with each other) after the weekly training session to discuss and agree team selection for the coming weekend’s games. Higher teams have preference over lower teams, and no game should be cancelled or postponed if there is a lower side putting out a team on the same day.

How do I organise teas and the bar for home games?

The Teas Coordinator (currently Lindsey Edwards) will contact you each week with respect to teas for home fixtures at KGS Ditton Field. You should reply with numbers expected each Tuesday before the game (you may need to contact the opposition to confirm whether they will be staying for teas). If you need to purchase your own teas then guidelines for budget are £2 per person or around £30 in total. Please ensure that we leave the venue as we found it and make sure we clear away anything that belongs to us. We should always ensure the opposition and umpires are offered teas and looked after first, and then home sides follow on. Although a bar is available at KGS Ditton Field, procedures for access to stock, handling cash, licensing and requirements for ‘Competent Persons’ are to be confirmed. Remember that alcohol should not be served to U18s.

How do I arrange an umpire for my game?

The Umpires Coordinator (currently Ernie Vickery) will send out an email to captains each week which allocates team umpiring duties. It is up to the captains, who have been allocated games, to find an individual umpire from within their team. In the (unlikely) event that you have league appointed umpires (possible for Mens 1st XI who must enter their home fixture details on Surrey Hockey Umpires web site) remember to contact the umpires directly by the preceding Wednesday to confirm arrangements. In order to thank players who put themselves out to umpire for other teams, the club reimburses a standard £10 as a gesture to cover expenses for away games (regardless of the location), so as captain please offer this. As an incentive for players to umpire, those who umpire four or more league games will receive a free ticket to the end of season dinner as a thank you.

How do I organise a friendly match?

All pitch bookings go through the Fixtures Secretary including friendlies, off season games, and re-arranged fixtures. Our fixtures secretary, or the fixtures secretary of the club you wish to have a friendly with, are typically the first point of contact if you wish to find any opposition to play against.

How do I get supplies such as balls, hockey equipment and first aid kit?

All captains should have a bag of balls, 3 match balls, and first aid kit with 3 ice packs, please safeguard these. If you need replacements please contact the Club Secretary. If you require other equipment such as goal keeping kit, any costs to be incurred should be approved by the committee, or in the absence of a committee meeting due, via at least 2 of the club officers (Club Captain, Treasurer & Club Secretary).

What happens if I need to postpone or forfeit a game?

Notify the opposition captain and our Fixtures Secretary as soon as possible, and then the league administrator (if you are unsure who this is try the ‘Info’ tab/menu when viewing your league table on Fixture Live or try the League Website links for contact information). It is recommended that before each season you check your league rules with respect to forfeit, cancellation, postponement, slip dates and re-arrangement of games (including notification of changes to start times or pitch locations). Failure to adhere to league rules will typically result in a points deduction.

On Match Day

How do I send in results and match reports?

Results can be entered using Fixtures Live for teams in the SOHL, SHALL and LHL:

Match Forms (ladies only) are a key issue for the SHALL and they will fine and/or deduct points for failure to enter result (same day), or failure to send in the match form, ensuring correct names and numbers of players are listed and in alphabetical order. Please keep on top of this and nominate your vice in your absence. Please refer to Surrey Ladies Hockey League Documents and Useful Links.

For teams in the South League (Mens 1st XI) results are entered by SMS and instructions can be found on the South League web site. If you wish to enter a result for a friendly fixtures please contact the Fixtures Secretary  or one of the Fixtures Live Administrators.

What should I do if there is a serious injury during a match?

If your squad includes junior players then you will have access to the emergency contact details, medical information etc. on LoveAdmin for them. You can use the LoveSports application on your phone and have instant access in case of serious injuries. You may wish to check who in your squad is first aid qualified. Please refer to the following information from England Hockey in preparation.

Safety Guidance

Hockey Concussion Policy

Accident Report Form

How do I check if pitch is playable when snow or freezing weather?

Check the Tiffin Girls’ School web site for notices, or on week days before 5pm contact Mrs Elizabeth Broadbent, Sports Centre Coordinator, extension 223 on 020 8546 0773, after 5pm call the caretaker on 07107 262414. If conditions prove unplayable after arriving on site please notify the sports facility reception. Contact details for the groundsman at KGS Ditton Field should be confirmed with the Fixtures Secretary. For away games the recommendation is to contact the opposition captain or if that is not possible the opposition fixtures secretary.

How do I get access to our pitches and facilities?

The Fixtures Secretary should distribute change room codes to all team captains at the beginning of the season and subsequently on code changes. If you require padlock keys or codes to access any club facilities (e.g. storage containers, cupboards in pavilion) then please contact the Club Secretary. Note that we cannot use the changing rooms on Saturday at KGS before 12.30pm as the school children are still using the facility. This is from a safeguarding perspective. The upstairs toilets of the pavilion can be used if required. If you find that access to pitches, changing rooms or gates are locked then please contact the groundsman at KGS or go to the sports facility reception at Tiffin Girls’ School.

What happens when a red card is awarded?

In the unlikely event that a red card is awarded during a game, for which an umpire submits a report, captains should be aware of the Match-day Misconduct Offence (MMO) regulations and forms, as laid out by England Hockey, that will be followed by the county which has jurisdiction over the game. Please notify the Club Secretary, as they will be the governing body contact for the club.

Discipline Regulations and Forms

General Administration

What match fees do I need to collect?

Match fees are approved at the AGM and are currently £5 for all senior players and £3 for students or those on income support. A £10 guest fee is due for those players not subscribed to the club who play ad hoc games (no more than 6 per season). Captains (or you may nominate a player) should collect match fees, keep suitable records, and submit match fees to the Treasurer (contact them for electronic transfer details), ideally monthly and definitely by 31st Dec and 31st Mar. Any deductions to the match fees submitted to the club e.g. for teas or umpires travel should be reported.

What is the captains role in collecting subscriptions?

Players must pay subscriptions via LoveAdmin once they have become members of the club. Captains should inform the Treasurer or Deborah Von Wittgenstein when a new player joins their team so that they can be registered appropriately (up to two trial matches are allowed before being invited to join). Once registered they will be sent payment requests and reminders automatically by LoveAdmin. Typically the treasurer will review membership lists for each team with captains once a season to ensure accuracy. Players should be referred to the treasurer for any refund request if they have missed more than half a season (e.g. due to injury, pregnancy, relocation). Captains should keep a record of matches played by each player for reference.

What codes of conduct should I be aware of when juniors are in my squad?

An England Hockey Basic Awareness course for safeguarding young people should be completed online. You will have to register and it will cost £10, which will be refunded by the club. Please send a copy of your payment to the Treasurer and they can do the refund. The course doesn’t take more than 10 minutes and once completed you will receive a certificate. Please send a copy of your certificate to the Juniors Administrator by email, for the juniors records. All captains need to have a current valid DBS certificate from England Hockey. You will be contacted by the administrator to arrange this. Please read the best practice guidelines from England Hockey for Juniors in Senior Teams.

Safeguarding Course

Juniors in Senior Teams

Specific guidance for captains with respect to the use of face masks by juniors involved in defensive penalty corners is to be confirmed. Please refer to the Serious Injury FAQ for specific guidance with respect to junior members of squad.

Are there any changes to the rules of hockey this season?

Please read the rules of hockey on the England Hockey web site, in particular how the latest rules are to be applied for the 2019-20 Season:

Rules of Hockey

Changes for 2019-20 Season

How do I communicate with club members?

When sending emails to your team with fixture information and requests for availability you may wish to use the blind carbon copy (Bcc) option to help improve privacy by avoiding unnecessary sharing of players contact details. If you wish to send emails to the whole committee or all other team captains then the club have a group email address for each of these. Please contact the Web Site Administrator for the group email addresses (they are not published here to avoid spam). If you wish to broadcast a message to all club members (e.g. with club news or events) then this can be done via email (using LoveAdmin) or Social Media (using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) and through news articles on the club web site. To broadcast a message to all club members please contact the Club Captain. If you or your team are not receiving emails from LoveAdmin (i.e. from the domain please check they are not in spam or junk email folders.

If you are distributing any photos which include club members, you will need to check photo consent with them (this is available on LoveAdmin for junior members) and remember to adhere to the social media guidelines (no names and photos together unless specific consent from the player or parent in case of U18s). Even with photo consent you should exclude any location or tags with personal data from photos to respect privacy.

Social Media Guidance